Name:     Roxy

   DOB:      28/07/2009

   Height:   15hh


   Future Illusion x Rose Queen (Queen's Soldier)


Rose Queen produced a gorgeous bay filly foal around 3.30am on Tuesday 28 July 2009.

Roxy has a very pretty head with a small white snip and has one white sock on her near 

hind.  Mum and foal are both doing well.


March 2014


Roxy was backed.  We left it with her happily walking, trotting and cantering under 

saddle.  She has hacked out in company and on her own.




Roxy went off to start her ridden career with professional event rider Jess Butler. 

We will keep you updated with Jess and Roxy's progress and we hope 2015 will be a

very exciting year.






Roxy made her dressage debut.  An Intro A.  She managed a very decent score of 63%

and was placed 5th.  Her first time out she brought home a rosette.  A very good start.




The following week she was out dressaging again.  An Intro B this time.  She did a

fantastic test and managed a score of 69.13% placing her 1st.  So a red rosette on her

second outing.  Very proud.


28/02/2015 Keysoe Equestrian Centre


Roxy's first Arena Eventing.  She did a very good dressage test finishing on 31.75%.  A

lovely clear in the showjumping and straight out to the arena xc where she had another

lovely clear.  So a brilliant result for her first taste of eventing and a 1st placing.


28/03/2015 Offchurch ODE UA 80cm


Unfortunately we decided not to run Roxy xc as the ground conditions were not great

after a lot of rain and this would be her first run xc not on a surface.  She did a decent

dr test and scored 34.3%  She had a little slip in the sj arena which led to having one

pole down.  Not a bad result considering the ground conditions.


17/05/2015 Aston Le Walls UA3 80cm


Roxy's first ODE and she did a fantastic job.  A super double clear and inside the time,

finishing on her dressage of 35.5 taking her into 6th place.  A very big class of 40

competitors so we are chuffed to bits with her placing.  Well done Jess and Roxy. 

Looking forward to our next trip to Shelford Manor.


26/05/2015 Shelford Manor UA 80cm


Super proud of Roxy today.  Her second ODE and she was such a clever girl.  Another

double clear and a dressage of 36.8 with 2.8 time penalties xc.  The fences seemed much bigger than Aston so was thrilled with her coming home clear.  The biggest shock of the

day was that she was placed 4th in a class of over 20.   She gets better every time she

goes out.


26/07/2015 Buckminster Park UA 90cm


Despite the awful weather today we had a super day.  Roxy did a 32.29 dressage.  Clear

sj and clear xc with 8.8 time penalties placing her 9th, again in a class of over 20. 

Chuffed with another double clear.


23/08/2015 Great Witchingham UA 90cm


Roxy did nice a dressage test finishing on 31 and was in the lead after the dressage. 

Very exciting.  She had one pole down sj and went clear xc.  This has been the most

technical course she's done and she did a great job considering she hasn't been out

since Buckminster.  She managed a 5th place in her section.  Super proud.



25/10/2015 Norton Disney BE90


The last event of the season for Roxy and Jess was a BE event.   A decent dressage score

of 34.  One unlucky pole in the sj and a nice, confident clear xc inside the time.  So a

fantastic end to the season and their first BE event under their belt although Jess had

to ride HC.  Roxy will now come home for a couple of months for a well deserved holiday. 

She will be back with Jess early next year to prepare for the 2016 season and will go out

at BE90 and we feel confident it won't be long until she steps up to pre novice.  Exciting

times ahead.


27/02/2016 EMDG OSBERTON UA 80cm


The first event of the season and had a fantastic result.  A dressage score of 31.5, clear

sj and clear xc.  A big section of 39 and she was placed 4th.  Super proud of both Roxy

and Jess.  After Norton Disney last year Roxy came home for a couple of months holiday,

a well deserved rest.  She's been back with Jess for about six weeks now.  Roxy seems

much more confident and mature which is a very good sign so early on the year.  Our next

trip out will be Oasby 1 next month.  Watch this space.


12/03/2016 OASBY BE90


Our first BE event at Oasby. Couldn't be more pleased with todays result.  A fabulous

28.8 dressage, clear sj and clear xc with just 1.6 time penalty putting us into 2nd place. 

Well done to Jess and Roxy.  These two are proving to be an awesome combination.  Great

Witchingham next.  Will keep you posted.



25/03/2016 Great Witchingham BE100


Over the moon with Roxy and Jess who today stepped up to BE100.  A fantastic double

clear with a 37 dressage, finishing on 41.4 accumulating a couple of time penalties xc. 

An awesome result for their first BE100 and bagging a nice double clear.  Well done to

our fabulous jockey Jess Butler.




09/04/2016 ASTON LE WALLS UA 100cm


Another fabulous result from Roxy and Jess who were today at Aston Le Walls UA100. 

A decent dressage of 32 with a double clear and inside the time giving them a fantastic

3rd placing.  Only her 2nd 100 event and she is showing us how easy she's finding it.


12/06/2016 SPEETLEY BE100


An interesting day at Speetley with lots problems in the SJ and XC due to the amount

of rain we've been having.  The ground was a mud bath and the commentary wasn't filling

me with confidence, lots of thrills and spills all round today.  So a 34 dressage, 2 down SJ

and clear XC inside the down.  Phew, I was glad when then part was over!!  Not a bad day

after all.  Roxy finished 12th out of 32 and there were only 6 SJ clears in that section. 

We need some nice dry weather now for the ground to dry up and give us some good going.





A very relaxed Roxy and Jess produced a superb dressage test today 27.5 and even got a 

9. A lovely clear in the SJ and straight out onto the XC course where they had another

lovely clear, back into the SJ arena to attempt the joker fence and they cleared that

which took 10 points off their already great score, finishing on 17.5 and winning the class

and winning it by quite a few points.  They were absolutely awesome today and I couldn't

be happier.



09/07/2016 Buckminster BE100


Well the rain didn't stay away for very long and unfortunately it came down hard today,

there were withdrawals, eliminations, lorries being towed in, lorries being towed out, such

a shame as Buckminster is a lovely venue but the ground just didn't cope well.  That said

the results were not as horrendous as they could have been.  We had a dressage score of

36, 2 down SJ and clear XC.  There weren't many clears SJ so considering the conditions

I am more than happy with her 14th position out of 33.   There are no videos I'm afraid as

the rain was so heavy I couldn't take the camera out. 


13/08/2016 Horseheath BE100


Our day didn't start very well after getting totally lost and missing our dressage slot. 

What a lovely venue and the staff were so helpful and did their best to fit us in when they could and we were hoping stress levels would subside to allow for a decent dr test!!  A 35.6

DR - not too bad I guess considering the morning we'd had .  One pole in the SJ and then

onto the fun part, XC clear and inside the time, finishing 14th.


29/08/2016 Shelford Manor UA PRE NOVICE


Today was a lovely day all round.  The weather was beautiful, we had late times so no up at

the crack of dawn.  A nice DR test had them finishing on 33.5, clear SJ and clear and inside

the time XC, so a nice double clear had them finishing in 3rd place.  Very proud of them.


21/10/2016 Norton Disney BE100


Our last event of the season,where has the year gone?  A very nice dressage test scoring

30.5 and had some positive, lovely comments on her sheet.  The very first pole went in the

SJ, a little bit eager to get going, so 4 faults and then clear XC and inside the time, so

very pleased, a decent end to the season.  As usual we thank Jess for everything she's

done with Roxy and we are now considering putting Roxy up for sale if we can find the

right home.  Watch this space.


30/11/2016 Arena UK BS Discovery


Roxy made her BS debut today in the Discovery at Arena UK.  I wasn't there to watch

but she finished in 6th place.  What a clever girl.  She has earned her first 5 BS points

and I have no doubts whatsoever she will have a lot more over the winter.  As usual, it

goes without saying, thanks to our super jockey Jess Butler.


30/12/2016 Arena UK British Novice


Amazing!!  Roxy & Jess were back at Arena UK today in the British Novice, a big

competitive class of 37 riders and they WON it. So very proud of this little

horse.  It was a 1st & 2nd for jockey Jess today so a good day for all.


26/02/2017 EMDG Novice ODE - Osberton


A fantastic start to the season, Roxy and Jess did a brilliant job today.  Both were totally relaxed, the atmosphere was great, a lovely run event.  They managed a 30 dressage, clear SJ and clear XC.  A big class of 39 and they finished 2nd.  Super proud, couldn't be happier.  Next stop Oasby BE100.




12/03/2017 Oasby BE100


Another great result for Roxy and Jess.  They had a dressage of 32, clear SJ and clear XC with 3.6 time penalties.  It was a very strong section with some big names in there.  I thought it would just be nice if they got to finish in the top 10.  They did, a 9th placing so I was very pleased with that.  A top 10 placing for her first and second event of the season.  Very proud of them.  Unfortunately my dressage video was completely out of focus when I played it back and my xc videoing was disappointing as I'd followed them round most of the course to find I hadn't pressed record, very frustrating, so only SJ to show this time, I will try harder with my videoing :)


24/04/2017 Great Witchingham BE100


Back at the lovely Gt Witchingham today.  Roxy decides that throwing a shoe mid dressage test would be pretty cool!!  Not sure if she caught herself but it looked like she tripped.  They finished on 33.8.  One unfortunate pole SJ coming out of a double and then clear xc.  Fences here always seem enormous.  Finishing 13th today and hopefully my videoing has improved!



08/04/2017 Norton Disney BE100


Had a great day at Norton Disney. Not one of our best results but two things happened today that have never happened before; 3 poles down SJ :O and a 9 for their halt in DR :) She did a pretty nice test I thought, for 32. Can't decide what her problem was SJ, super excited or season, naughty pony. As usual she did a fantastic XC round with 6.8 time. Well, with 3 poles it really wasn't worth worrying about time. Jess picked up a passenger coming out of the water,... a fly in her eye & did the second half of the course with one eye closed, when I met her at the finish she looked as though she'd been crying her eyes out :) Love Norton Disney, it's so calm and relaxed and the weather was glorious, like a summers day, had a really enjoyable day. Apologies, some of my videoing is out of focus, must remember to take my glasses.