Stable Name:   Riley

   DOB:            18/07/2012

   Height:          16.2hh


   Future Illusion x Willow Abby (Lord David S)


Willow Abby produced a beautiful chesnut colt around 6.30am on Wednesday 18 July 2012.  He has a large white blaze with a double whorl. White socks on both hind legs.  Fantastic limbs.  High hopes for this boy.




Revesby Country Show 2013


2nd in Yearling Sports horse


Future Sports Horse Showing Bursary 2014


Shortlisted to final 3


Long Sutton Horse Show 2015


As Riley hasn't been out since early 2014 we thought we'd take him to our local annual horse show.  We entered him in the youngstock inhand class.  As usual the class was full of native types so was not expecting him to be placed.  He loaded, travelled and was exceptionally well behaved and for the icing on the cake he was pulled in 3rd, qualifying for Equestrian Life Showing & Working Hunter Championships 2015 and the Royal London Show.  Delighted with him.  Such a good boy.





Riley has gone off to Jess Butler Eventing for backing.  I have 100% confidence in Jess that she will do a fabulous job with him.  Roxy has come home for a holiday to make space for Riley and we will swap over sometime in January.  Hopefully Riley will be a good boy for Jess and put his grown up pants on!




Riley made his dressage debut today.  A walk & trot test.  It wasn't about scores or placings, Jess wanted to get him out before he comes home. I am over the moon that he loaded, travelled and behaved beautifully and to the icing on the cake was a 3rd placing on 60.3%.  So pleased.




Riley is home to take in all he has learnt from Jess.  He will have a few months chilling in the field and we plan to send him back to Jess in April to start his grown up work.