Stable Name: Abby

   DOB:          10/07/1994

   Height:        16.3hh


   Lord David S x Willow Sharn


We purchased Abby in 1999.  She was lightly competed at local level in dressage, showjumping and hunter trials.  She has produced 2 beautiful foals, one in 2009 and one in 2012.  She has been a fabulous mum.


She is very much the yard matriarch, keeping the others in line, everyone has their place, below her of course.  Now in her senior years, she has no problems whatsoever showing us her adolescent side. 


In 2008 after much thought and a lot of research we decided to put Abby in foal.  The stallion we chose was Future Illusion - see more about him here


Abby produced Gracie, a beautiful bay filly in June 2009.  We were delighted with her.  See more about Gracie on her own page.


After sadly losing Gracie in 2011 we decided to put Abby back to Future Illusion.  In July 2012 Riley was born.  A strapping chestnut colt.  See more about Riley on his own page.


More information on Abby's sire, Lord David S can be found here :