Stable Name:  Rosie

   DOB:            29/04/1993

   Height:          16.3hh  


   Queens Soldier x Rose Branwen (Bustiki)


We purchased Rosie in 2008 from a friend who was emigrating.  As Abby had been confirmed in foal we thought it would be nice to have 2 foals running together.  We used the same stallion for Rosie as we did with Abby and she produced Roxy, a gorgeous bay filly in 2009.  In 2010 Rosie went to live with our friend Helen, we weaned Roxy at this time.  Rosie and Helen hit it off straight away.


Rosie is still with Helen and we are so grateful she has a forever home with her.




Rosie has come back home to live after 6 years being away.  She looks fabulous and we thank Helen for giving her such a lovely home and caring for her so well.  We wish Helen all the best with her upcoming surgery and hope she has a speedy recovery.


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More information on Rosie's sire, Queen's Soldier, can be found here :