Stable Name:    Poppy

   DOB:             20/06/2001

   Height:          16.1hh




We purchased Poppy in 2007.  She is the easiest, most straight forward horse with a fantastic temperament and is such a pleasure to own.


She was bred by Leo O'Donnell in Ireland.




Summer 2009 Laughton Manor


Ridden by Laura Keeley.  Poppy did a BD Intro B.  She finished on a score of 70.87% winning 1st place.  WOW.  This was Poppy's first competition of the year and has only been training with Laura for less than a month.  Over the moon with her.


17/10/09 Little Downham BE90


Ridden by Laura Keeley. Poppy's first ever BE event, quite a lot of questions for her, she hadn't done a dressage test up to now that required canter and hadn't ever been round a full xc course so today would be very educational for her.  She did a very impressive 35 dr.  2 down sj.  Clear up to fence 13 where she had 2 refusals on the xc course, this fence caused no end of problems and then went on to complete the course.  She had 60 penalties and 16.8 time penalties.  So not bad at all for her first time eventing.


15/07/2011 Great Witchingham BE90


Ridden by Laura Keeley.  Poppy coped with her test well, it was her first time in a long arena. Finished on a score of 41.  As she entered the sj arena, the heavens opened, so had to contend with rain, thunder and lightening, she had one pole down.  On to the xc, she flew everything and seemed to be loving it.  She finished with 20 time penalties. 


22/06/2014 Great Witchingham UA 75cm


I braved my first UA ODE with Poppy.  We did an ok test finishing on 43.  We had a lovely clear in the sj and we were flying the xc having a ball until I made a silly mistake coming out of the water.  I came out at the wrong place so a disappointing 20pen. Thoroughly enjoyed the day apart from our very close times.


30/11/2014 Elms Farm Dressage Intro B


Had a fabulous day at Elms Farm.  We did an Intro B and finished on 66.1% placing us 1st. 


15/02/2015 Fenland Equestrian Centre SJ


A very long day at Fenlands today.  We decided on the 2'6 as classes were taking forever.  Poppy jumped very well and had just one pole down.


26/04/2015 Great Witchingham Eventer Trial


Clear SJ and unfortunately 20pen XC.  I totally fluffed up a fence so pilot error and Poppy tried her best for me.  Had a really fun day though.


20/09/2015 Grey Fern Equestrian 2'6 SJ


We did the 2'6 SJ and won it!!  Qualified for the championship and finished in 2nd place.  So a one, two for us today.  Had a great day.


27/09/2015 Grey Fern Equestrian Prelim 4


Back to Grey Fern today for some dressage and another first place and we qualified for the championship to be held in 2 weeks.


18/10/2015 Little Downham Hunter Trial 80cm


Had a fantastic day today.  Poppy felt the best she's ever been.  I made a stupid mistake at fence 3 which cost me 20pen but it was totally my fault.  She flew round the course and gave me so much confidence.


23/10/2015 Norton Disney BE90


Not too bad a dressage test, 38.3, 2 down SJ and unbelievably I missed a fence out XC.  Unfortunately got a big fat E.  I had missed out fence 5 when walking the course, so had no hope of jumping it.  Everything I did ask Poppy to jump she jumped beautifully and clear.  I was gutted when I looked up the results as we could have got an 8th place!!  Hopefully my mistakes xc over the year, I learn from and come out fighting next season.  We will concentrate on more dressage and showjumping over the winter and hopefully we'll hit the ground running next year.